Steering Committee Agenda: 6/2/09 : Summer Program Planning

June 2nd, 2009

Steering Committee Agenda: 6/2/09
Summer Program Planning

Funding Status
Review Agenda
• Action Item- check on 7/6 – College is closed
- Food/ access to building
- Room set-up on July 3-5: (Issue access to Business Building)

Day 1:
Icebreaker – Books for resources (Catherine)
About us – Teacher Evaluation PowerPoint (Connie)
Scheduling- Pat (Time for Pat)
Other Ideas

- Notebooks
- Mugs
- Goals
- Website / Project site
- Key Documents

Supplies Order
New People welcome / orientation
Food —(for day and menus)

Day 2:
Dennis – Letter needs to be sent / reminder topic /
Pat – Tips/coaching session
Jane –on Tuesday

Day 3:
Carol –Challenge Problem / Jeff – Challenge Problem (on-line)

Beyond the fishbowl
Posting —No Jane / Gail

Day 4:
Delores Peer Review (Need learning Experience)
Zoo trip
Make and Take-hole punch
Science supplies (Filter paper –science kit)

Day 5:
Zoo Trip – (Food-sign-up)

Day 6:
Goal reporting
Catherine Peer Review

Day 7:
Lesson Study
-Inquiry Tool Kit
Jenn Molfese??
Smart Boards DS 227 (Reserve Room)

Day 8:
Faculty Review –Date Change for Mary Fox –(Jeff)
- Congruency Table -
Cooperating Teacher Feedback
Change Game

Day 9:
GESA / S. Green
Book Club selection
Committee Organization

Day 10:
Reporting out
Set dates for TAP
Committee dates/chair/budgets
Picnic (Food)

Notebook Organization
Proposal Updates
Amy Stewart Update
Web site updates ( 3 new LES)
Assessment workshop
Retention Data
Facebook site
Supplies for TAP
Pay for Steering Committee work

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