Advice to new students from people who have completed the Teaching to the Standards Class

December 17th, 2010

What advice would you give students taking this class next semester?
Complete each assignment as they are given
Keep up with assignments, don’t put anything off
Do homework assignments on time, they will really help with your final LE
Start your LE early and take the peer review SERIOUSLY, it will help you
Start at the beginning of the semester and do a little at a time
Don’t underestimate how much time is needed to have a successful LE
RELAX, really get into your LE
Look at the learning experience positively!
Additional Comments
I loved the process of peer reviewing, even though I am petrified of presenting in front of a large audience!
This class was GREAT!!! Thank-you for all of your help!
GREAT class! Wish it could be more than one day a week!
Loved the peer review process, and would love to be part of it again!

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