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Steering Committee Minutes-September 30 2008

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Steering Committee Minutes
September 30, 2008 4:15-6:15
Present: Jeff Arnold, Pat Loncto, Connie Kudrna, Catherine Sodota, Carol Mullen, Rod Doran
Agenda items
1. Greetings

2. Old Business
• Meeting time still 4:30-6:30 and hour for working dinner.
• Completed time sheet for today to be kept by Jeff – new procedure.
• Final budget complete to the penny.
• Reduction in funding due to reduction in population in State.
• Future Steering Committee dates: Nov 12, Dec 15, Mar 5m May 14.
• Using accomplishments of Summer Institute 08 in Teaching to Standards class 08, which integrates the two branches fully.
• Need to flesh out Developing a Learning Experience progression flow chart beyond Fish Bowl. Connie will do that with one of her LEs, Catherine will go next with Cell LE, to see what is needed for an LE can progress up the line.
• Key role of Steering committee is to review TAP agenda.
• How do we organize ourselves?
o TLQP BOARD: meets once or twice a year for the purpose of connecting to our partners and to begin after new application is developed and approved. May start process earlier by introducing them to the project personally.
o TLQP STEERING COMMITTEE: meets 5 times a year, main purpose to review TAP agenda, review action team reports, and plan summer project.
o STEERING COMMITTEE ACTION TEAMS: must be a member of steering committee, may serve on multiple teams, teams will have a budget and chair person, give action team reports to steering committee. Action goal will depend on TLQP member collective needs.
o Survey eligible TAP members for interest in Steering Committee and Action teams.
o TAP: meets 5 times a year, main purpose is celebration through peer review of LE, and generate interest of new members, create an learning community.
o REUNION during non-tap month with afternoon dinner in alumni room. Purpose is to track progress of past members, visit teacher retention to project goals. Might want to invite future Board members especially Daemen College, Buffalo District, and Diocese personnel. Possible date last week of April for about 60 people. Begin planning at January steering committee meeting.
o Provide GAP (Getting Ahead Professionally) professional development addressing technology, based on teachers needs needs after school. Issue a certificate of completion for attendance. Maybe offer as a series and give a thumb drive. Survey TAP members.
o TAP Action Teams: may serve on multiple teams, teams will have a budget and chairperson, give action team reports to TAP meeting or summer program. Some ideas might be book club or study group based on a need, suggestion Science for all Americans, NCTM yearbook articles, Journal of Science and Children, could have an on-line group.
o Need to invite and express real desire to have past TAP members attend meetings, serve on Action Teams even thought cannot be paid.
o Might want to have presentation by technology teacher such as Jeff’s brother on possibilities of an exemplary technology program.

3. Review TAP Agenda
• Add to TAP agenda Survey eligible TAP members for interest in Steering Committee and Action teams.
• Add to TAP agenda Provide GAP (Getting Ahead Professionally) training concerning technology, based on needs, held after school. Issue a certificate of completion for attendance. Maybe offer as a series and give a thumb drive. Survey TAP members for ideas on topics and days of week.
• Will get an idea of who wants to go to GESA.
• Jeff observed Delores Anderson.
• In past supplies were given for attendance at TAP. Change now: dollar supply incentive credit will be given to all TAP attendees after their TAP attendance, and after progress on an on-going LE during summer program. Supplies can be ordered from Eaton’s, AIMS or etc. Goals, action plan and needs assessment are also required for supply desired – general rule of thumb –each participant uses one vendor – As a general rule we will try to combine orders to reduce the paper work and shipping fees. We need to follow Daemen College’s protocol for ordering materials-for all practical purposes Eatons has next day deliverer service –
• Goals, action plan and needs assessment form are on line and may be completed at any time for summer 09.
• Daemen TLQP is tied into RATE process for college accreditation.
• Maybe visit the zoo during summer project and use Catherine’s LE.
• Will discuss how to run Book Club since time is too short to review LE AND book chapters.

4. New Business
• Standards Class Update
• Website Update
• Protocol for on-line review
• Project Update moving from Grant Project to a Contract which means need stronger evidence
o Will only be three weeks this year plus 3 days.
o Need a sharing time of progress from summer project members, reporting out on goals on Friday for how moved from Monday to Friday that week.
o Current TAP members write goal before program and hand in with application, on first day pair and share goals in small groups. Steering committee members will review TAP goals in June for acceptability and feasibility. New people attending summer program will use this sharing time to be mentored on completing the goal sheets by steering committee members. Need list of acceptable goals.
• Conferences

5. Wrap-up
• Need to add Dr Doran and Jenn Twist to on line assessment version.
• Write a bio for yourself for on line assessment version.
• Need to look for ways to integrate graduated students.

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