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Nightjohn reflection

Monday, July 28th, 2008

I wanted to memorialize my “aha” moment when reading Nightjohn through the lens of a teacher.

There are so many themes that run through this very brief story. I was searching for the connection to education. I believe I found it when reading the except from Sarny by Gary Paulsen. The risks that Sarny took to learn to read did not seem to have any immediate benefits. At the secret school in the woods, students gave up rest and risked physical abuse for the chance to read the label off a bag of goods, something inconsequential at the time. Years later, however, during the chaos of the Civil War, Sarny used the skill she had acquired to read the ledger detailing the sale and transport of her children to another plantation. Having this knowledge gave Sarny hope and the impetus to act in a positive way to improve her situation.

The lesson learned from Sarny is that there is a point to education. Even though students may not see the need to learn particular skills or facts as they are presented in the classroom setting, that knowledge is transferable to the real world in some form. Sarny had a natural desire to learn; she knew instinctively that having that experience was important, even if the resources were inadequate or the topics irrelevant.

Does this relate to the idea of process vs. product?

Heather H.

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Discussion notes: Comparing TAP to Teaching to the Standards class

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Submitted by Pat Loncto

Thank you to Amy for capturing the conversation facilitated by Pat, and to the TLQP participants for honest feedback (July 23, 2008) regarding  the similarities and differences between TAP and the Teaching to the Standards class procedures, processes and expectations:                 

Class                                                        TAP

·        Smaller group, safer atmosphere, comfortable ·        Difficult to make cool comments to peers·        Strangers felt safer while peer reviewing ·        Overwhelmed by the protocol of peer reviewing ·        Difficult to read through the entire learning experience ·        Balancing warm and cool comments impacts the grade·        Peer review in class is a pre-peer review·        Not as familiar with the peer review process ·        Need for a video of students conducting a peer review and annotated with explanations ·        Time procedures are not always followed ·        More simplistic learning experiences ·        Peer review is still in the development stage ·        Make an outline of what information should be covered in the learning experience introduction, or create an option to make a draft power point  ·        Efficient use of time, using small groups·        Look at the experts and the programs that work before creating a learning experience ·        The role of the facilitator was clearer because of it was not the first experience with peer review·        Knowledge of material made evaluating more difficult because of teaching different grade level·        There doesn’t need to be a warm and cool comment for each category·        Overwhelmed by the protocol of peer reviewing ·        Difficult to read through the entire learning experience ·        Easier to understand the learning experience when a power point is presented 

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materials request

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Hi Jeff

 Do you have any AIMS OR Gems materials on earthquakes?

Thanks Delores

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NightJohn Questions

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Can /should we equate enlightment with education?

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