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Steering Committee Minutes-March 19, 2008

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Steering Committee Minutes
May 19, 2008 4:15-6:15
Present: Jeff Arnold, Pat Loncto, Connie Kudrna, Catherine Sodota, Melanie Koch , Rod Doran, Elaine Swing
Agenda items
1. Greetings
• Review of payment for Activity Log procedure and presented the need for a new Format for payment in the future.

2. Old Business
• Minutes accepted, see blog for a copy
• Preview of TAP summer agenda
o Emphasis is on posting LE
o Explained book club idea as being one we could do and one that could be used by secondary students on topic of equity – ex. Night John (Gary Paulson), Winn Dixie, The Secret Life of Bees. This could be a learning community where the group could unpack the protocol for the book club on the first meeting. As a group, decide the strategies and the format that would be suitable for TAP and for students in middle and high school.
o Meet as a large group with cooperating teachers 7/14 and talk about NYSATL.
o Requested feedback to Pat on Rubrics worksheets for the LE she will develop. Too much? not enough? wrong stuff?
o Last three days may only be half-day depending on funding left.

3. Feedback on TAP Meeting Agenda
_ RTI process and how writing an LE is similar. May need to look at vocabulary strategies.
_ Connie’s power point presentation on writing Learning Experiences from SOS conference in NYC is on our website under Resources.
_ Catherine Sadota will facilitate discussion of Chapter 7 for Qualities of Effective Teachers.
_ Melanie facilitator and will write the comments, Connie recorder for Jenny’s LE at meeting May 22.

4. New Business
_ Reapplication considerations: Steering Committee time with teacher salary increase, cooperating teacher institute, and web consultants. Because we are not re-applying this year, we will probably be given level funding which may impact choices in how we grow our project but stay within funding. Some initiatives like SOS and Alan November will not be included in next year as a cost cutting measure. Maybe we could look to other more cost effective initiatives to present our TLQP work ie. STANYS, WNYMath.
_ Payment for summer work will be sent second week of September.
_ Standards Class Update: Need for new sections means instructors who are well prepared to teach this class, maybe could start looking at an online course, maybe begin a new graduate class on web-based LE.
_ Check our website under NYSATL for a video on peer review, explore developing our own video with LE that goes with it.
_ Need for website management: Website on another server will allow us to modify files ourselves and then migrate to Daemen site.
_ Review Progression for Developing a LE flow chart. Examined and clarified the meaning of each level. Look at progression titles relating to each other.
_ Assessment workshop – longitudinal study for participants may be a good idea for the future. Connie’s LE is based on analyzing test results last year and developing lessons to help students be successful in the future. Could we develop Power PI for math and science like they did in ELA?
_ Jeff will hand out Pat’s LE notes for summer workshop at the TAP meeting May 22.
_ Looked at Elizabeth Sobieraj LE. Noticed the Standards, and the rubric with Jeff’s and self-assessment on power rubric, power point, and LE Checklist..
_ Our websites has the Standards for INTASC and NBCT

5. Wrap-up
Book club choices: who facilitates book club picks book.

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TAP Ageda-May 22, 2008

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

/LQP Professional Development Program
Teacher Advisory Panel (TAP) – Agenda: 5/22/2008
Thomas Reynolds Center – Conference Room

4:30 – 4:45 Registration (Update TAP mailing list)
4:45 – 5:00 Welcome and Update
• 2008-2009 TLQP Reapplication:
- 2008 Summer Program update
• Review Project Activities Calendar
• Report on; Early Intervention for Students with Math Difficulties Using a RTI Process- April 25, 2008
• SOS Conference (Connie)
• Mini-Grant Update / Teaching to the Standards Course
• JP and Student Teacher updates
• Equipment / Books Sign out / Resources / Class Visits
• Web site: Review on-line learning experiences

Incubator (soft launch):
• Summer program: Application / Agenda
Week A: July 7-11, 2007 (Full Day) Community Building
Target Group: Current TAP members
Week 1 and 2: July 14 – 25 (Full Day) Cooperating Teachers Institute
Target Group: Daemen College 07-08 JPs and Student Teacher and their Cooperating Teachers.
Week B and C: July 14 – 25 (Full Day) MST Summer Program
Target Group: TAP Members with clear goals
Week D: July 28 – 30 Wrap-up
Target Group: Steering Committee
5:00 – 5:30 Qualities of Effective Teachers: Discussion Group –
Chapter 7: Effective Teaching: What Does It All Mean?
5:30 – 6:30 Peer Review (Stage 2): Jennifer Conklin
It’s Hip to be Square – Community Nature Square
6:30 – 6:45 Review Summer Program Schedule
6:45 – 7:00 Evaluation / Feedback

Resources: A $50.00 credit towards an external hard drive / or a thumb drive
Note: If you attend both the April and May meetings you will receive an external hard drive (~$120) in May. If you attend one of the meetings you will receive a thumb drive (~$30) in May.

Support for the development and production of this material was provided by a grant under the New York State Higher Education Teacher / Leadership Quality Partnership program administered by the New York State Education Department.

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