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Steering Committee Minutes-March 19, 2008

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Present: Jeff Arnold, Pat Loncto, Catherine Sadota, Mary Serwon

Agenda items
1. Greetings
_ Reminder that 4:15 is start time.
_ New members are Carla, Jenny, Sharon and Pam

2. Old Business
_ $18.59 rate of pay for approved hours on green time sheet. LE review takes between 1-2 hours.
_ If present to class the rate of pay will be $100.
_ In kind projects are school elated that are an outgrowth of TLQP, and time spent reading and preparing for personal professional growth.
_ Approved minutes from last meeting.
_ Examined the LE online.
_ Especially noted Elizabeth Sobieraj’s LE for the addition of INTASC Standards, Power Rubric, Scoring Checklist for course Teaching to the Standards.

3. Feedback on TAP Meeting Agenda
_ Pre-reviewed the agenda at last steering committee meeting.
_ Karla review is called a stage 2 peer review. Stage one is in class, TAP review is more rigorous.
_ Will need two more teachers to present Qualities of Effective Teachers chapter review.
_ Pam’s LE will be reviewed at next TAP in May.

4. New Business
_ GESA reunion changed from March 18-April 18. Catherine will give preview of GESA power point and poster to TAP and in summer program.
_ No 3-day GESA workshop this Spring.
_ Standard’s class milestone has early childhood students currently taking course as pilot. On track to be included for all majors.
_ Vision; suggest to other colleges and have state ed make it a requirement instead of the video for teacher certification.
_ Web site; writers will maintain their own learning experiences once they are online, revisions can be made by writer, leading to writers putting their LE’s online themselves.
_ Next step; graduate class
_ March 25, Tuesday. Self directed day. Breakfast will be served, cards for lunch. Jane Ross will be here and work with Connie. Pat wants a discussion about her role in TLQP at beginning of day, has to leave. Use as a work day, projects, reading and preparing for chapters to discuss, posters, etc. Keep low key. Catherine has set goals for the summer program and will work on her project. Jane could give lessons as to how to put LE’s online etc. on March 25.
_ Penn Dixie Program: volunteers needed for fossil hunting.
_ Summer project registration now.
_ Late Breaking News – Daemen and Buffalo PS will host a workshop at school 70 for 30 teachers (paid) taught by math mentors August 18-21.
_ Need to find out if funded again by end of August. Possible activity Tuesday is to write letters to encourage RFP to apply for funds in next cycle.
_ LE website criteria that will need to revisited regularly as we design the next generation of Learning Experiences:
o For Teacher 2008-9: when ready, can put in incubator to receive feedback from Steering Committee or Teaching to Standards class members. If choose to move to the Nursery level of online section for an Administrative Review must: teach LE many times; have student work that is up to date and aligns with any changes that occurred in the LE after peer review,; includes pre and post tests; includes action research and statistical analysis of student work.
o For Students 2008-9: They often have little control over what they teach or for how long, do not have updated student work if they revise LE after midterm, therefore they may place LE in incubator when they choose to take the time to format in Dream Weaver, and are willing to share their Daemen College Scored Checklist and Power Score from Teaching to Standards class in a COMMENTS section. The TLQP leadership will then write a review on line to summarize Power Rubric and Scoring Checklist to indicate merits of the LE.
_ Eventually hope the Administrative Review will include people who have LE on line, community resource people, departmental secondary and higher ed representatives, others as needed for a well-rounded cross-discipline review.
_ Please be thinking of what levels might be called as we grow from incubator level to nursery level to ????? Need to think through this analogy and develop it so we are prepared when ready.
_ Nursery on line site on Learning Experience opening page needs an introductory paragraph to talk about the growth in program that changes criteria therefore changes the look and requirements when writing an LE. People reading this website need to know that some parts are not in earlier LE and level of quality changes. One sentence in the introductory paragraph should include: “An understanding that each learning experience builds on all the work of our learning community.
_ When a teacher revises an LE that is already Nursery online site the date will be posted along with the word “revised”.
_ If a mentor thinks more revisions are necessary before an LE goes in incubator or nursery and the teacher does not, the next step could be to suggest the teacher get a second opinion from another mentor with the understanding that the teacher always has the option to go directly to the incubator on line without mentor approval. Some teachers may choose to go to incubator purely for the experience of putting it on line or getting baseline feedback.

5. Wrap-up
_ Breakfast
_ Time sheets
_ Overview and celebration of success with online site
_ Interim report and new application
_ Upcoming events and registration forms
_ Hammer out summer schedule using last year schedule to guide us but this year want to reduce structure.
_ Focus of this year’s program is about creation of learning experiences by setting goals, writing an LE, critiquing an LE, work on GESA, developing a PP to go with LE already online, creating a package of classroom rules and procedures.

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