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Steering Committee Minutes-January 15, 2008

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Steering Committee Minutes
January 15, 2008
Present: Jeff Arnold, Pat Loncto, Connie Kudrna, Melanie Merrick, Catherine Sadota, Carol Mullen, Sharon Hill, Rod Doran

Agenda items
1. Greetings
_ Reviewed TLQP website for new links and items. Particularly noted the incubator LEs.
_ Meeting times will be posted on TLQP site. Check site for date, time, place.

2. Old Business
_ Reminder to check blog for minutes of this meeting.
_ MOA for Grant Application needs to come from Buffalo Public Schools, Catholic Diocese, Science Assessment Group, Future City Group, Daemen Art Department, Daemen Science Department.
_ Those who would like to write letters to encourage Buffalo MOA, please do so and count hours as TLQP project work.
Discussed writing a LE as an option for teacher evaluation with impetus from Charlotte Danielson work who recommends Principal and teacher agree to a project for evaluation. Suggestion to showcase Peer Review with Buffalo City Schools as part of evaluation process.
_ There were “cautions” addressed concerning this idea. Important that principal knows the teacher’s skills to approve a project so it does not become subjective or a rubber stamp approval. Some people look good on paper.
_ For this option the teacher could tie into TLQP for learning community support. Danielson evaluation model: new teachers, tenured teachers, teachers in need of remediation. This joint project with TLQP could be for tenured group.
_ There are some evaluation peer review protocols that involve watching live teaching. This type of peer review is post lesson by colleagues for the purpose of quality feedback for improvement. (Orchard Park).
_ Maybe could ask for peer review and writing LEs as hours that qualify toward professional dev hours to renew certification or to upgrade salary scale.
_ Need to be careful in approaching districts in using peer review for evaluation. Could get sticky.

3. Feedback on TAP Meeting Agenda
_ Power points from book review went well with Sharon’s LE following the ideas presented from the book. Good format for meeting to review book and then hold a peer review.
_ Used Solve It book and principal is ordering more. – Good resource -.
_ Interactive Word Wall with Holly Lewis at Math Conference in Fall – Carol will try to contact for to get materials.
_ Teachers who present LE in a completed form at Daemen class are invited to attend Steering Committee meetings.
_ Looking forward to April 16 TAP
_ Book presenters: Connie Kudrna and Kathleen Murphy
_ LE Presenter Carla Levi
_ Facilitator Catherine Sadota
_ Recorder (Connie Kudrna backup)
_ Timer Mailyn Foote-Krabe

4. New Business – Bold titles are formal names for groups within TLQP
_ March 19 next steering committee meeting.
_ Website will now list those on steering committee membership and accomplishments during project. This will be a way to track membership and accumulation of accomplishments.
_ Summer Institute and TAP vision of future is to support cooperating and supervising teachers in city of Buffalo, and encourage them to write LE. If they do not take this opportunity, Cooperating Teacher Institute teachers do not become eligible to attend steering committee meetings. However they may continue to come to Summer Institute if they continue to take Daemen students.
_ Steering committee vision of future is to support or mentor TAP members, and grandfathered participants from previous Institute or TAP years, to write LEs.
_ Might need transitional period for some people (teacher by teacher basis) who attend Institute but have not met requirements to move to Steering Committee. May need more skill support before attempting to write LE or take Standards class.
_ Steering committee members can help people write LEs but the teacher must be able to do independent work also. See Agenda from today’s meeting to see all the opportunities to support the project.
_ Advisory Board is for people who want to plan summer institute and Standard’s class.
_ Executive board would be some TLQP steering committee and District personnel. (2 meetings/ year).
_ Writing a LE changes the teacher’s skills in a way that lesson planning does not. Even if the LE is not high quality or matched to the level of the exemplars, it can be noted that the teacher grew and maybe could be more successful on the next try or with modifications to the original. LE in incubator can be considered a success.
_ Executive board can call for incubator/steering committee members’ LEs to peer review, and give feedback for raising that LE to an exemplar level.
_ Might need to create an exemplar level to classify LEs online and include dates to differentiate quality since course requirements change. Checklist is about pieces and process, but power rubric is about overall attributes to highlight exceptional teaching.
_ Need language to identify LE levels on the road to exemplary. Suggestion: initial, professional.
_ Percolate on the idea of power. One idea: more applicable to wider audience…..keep going….
_ Pat will send Giselle an email to ask her definition of Power. Let’s keep looking for descriptor of what “powerful” “exemplary LE” really means. Also: Do we give things a power rating when we put them online?
_ Jeff will put the date of LE on the online LEs.
_ Digital plumbing feedback: ie. noting where to put links within the LE that is online.
_ Could we possibly develop another graduate class to follow Standards class? Idea: Web-based learning experiences.

5. Wrap-up
_ We are now about dissemination and growth.
_ Jeff will look at Pathways through TAP Learning Communities.
_ Suggestion to share Lesson Sketch as optional graphic organizer to begin thoughts on writing LE.
_ Next steering committee meeting March 19 next TAP April 16.

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Teacher Advisory Panel (TAP) – Agenda: 4/16/2008

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

T/LQP Professional Development Program
Teacher Advisory Panel (TAP) – Agenda: 4/16/2008
Thomas Reynolds Center – Conference Room

4:30 – 4:45 Registration (Update TAP mailing list)
4:45 – 5:00 Welcome and Updates
• Review TAP meeting schedule
* April 16, 2008 (Wednesday)
* May 22, 2008 (Thursday)
• 2008-2013 TLQP Application: Vision for Project
- Mentoring / Action Research / Evaluations / Web
• Review Project Activities Calendar
• Early Intervention for Students with Math Difficulties Using a RTI Process- April 25, 2008
• GESA Reunion Updates (Connie and Catherine)
• Mini-Grant Update / Teaching to the Standards Course
• JP and Student Teacher updates
• Feedback: Elementary Science Standards Books
• Equipment / Books Sign out / Resources / Class Visits
• Web site: Review on-line learning experiences

Incubator (soft launch):
• Summer program: Application / Agenda
Week A: July 7-11, 2007 (Full Day) Community Building
Target Group: Current TAP members
Week 1 and 2: July 14 – 25 (Full Day) Cooperating Teachers Institute
Target Group: Daemen College 07-08 JPs and Student Teacher and their Cooperating Teachers.
Week B and C: July 14 – 25 (Full Day) MST Summer Program
Target Group: TAP Members with clear goals
Week D: July 28 – 30 Wrap-up
Target Group: Steering Committee
5:00 – 5:30 Qualities of Effective Teachers: Discussion Group –
Chapter 5 (Connie Kudrna) and 6 (Kathleen Murphy)
5:30 – 6:30 Peer Review (Stage 2): Karla Levi
Facilitator: Catherine Sedota
6:30 – 6:45 Set agenda for our next meeting
• May 22, 2008 (Thursday)
6:45 – 7:00 Evaluation / Feedback

Resources: A $50.00 credit towards an external hard drive / or a thumb drive
Note: If you attend both the April and May meetings you will receive an external hard drive in May. If you attend one of the meetings you will receive a thumb drive in May.
Total: ~$50.00

Support for the development and production of this material was provided by a grant under the New York State Higher Education Teacher / Leadership Quality Partnership program administered by the New York State Education Department.

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