04/02 Canadian Conference on International Health - November 2007

From: Lars Hallstrom and Lynn Patterson
Subject: Conference on International Health
 * Mark your calendars!   
Global Change and Health: Who are the Vulnerable?

14th Canadian Conference on International Health (CCIH) November 4-7, 2007 Ottawa, Canada.    See the following link: http://www.ccghr.ca/default.cfm?content=ccih_2007?=e&subnav=news .
The call for abstracts is available at www.csih.org or email conference@csih.org.
The deadline is May 30th, 2007.

03/28 Website Addresses from ICGH Planning Meeting in Nova Scotia

For your reference from the ICGH Meeting in Nova Scotia, we have the following websites:

* COADY International Institute:  http://www.coady.stfx.ca/

* National Collabroating Center - Determinants of Health [NCC-DH]:  www.nccdh.stfx.ca

* World Health Organization-Western Pacific Region:  http://www.wpro.who.int/

03/23 Child Health Foundation Grants

Innovative Small Grants Program

Before we will consider a grant proposal for funding, we need to receive a one-page “letter of intent” which describes the project that you will be proposing.  It need not be in great detail, but it should indicate the “innovative” nature of your work. (Please see the definition of “innovative” below.) Please send it by e-mail, FAX or regular mail before the specified  deadline for the letter of intent in the information below.  After reviewing it, we will notify you as to whether we will accept a full proposal.    Child Health Foundation wishes to receive proposals from interested health workers, investigators, or community organizations for innovative research or innovative service projects directed at improving the health of infants and young children. Proposals may be submitted by individuals or groups. Areas of priority include: development of biomedical and social technologies; and adaptation and implementation of technologies in local situations that may have widespread applications.  Projects that involve only general medical care of children but without innovative aspects will not be considered. To see a summary of projects CHF has funded, click here  The projects should be for no more than one year and should be able to document measurable results. The projects may address child health issues in a developing country or in the United States. Budgets should not exceed US$5,00O. The projects will be reviewed by the Program Committee of the Child Health Foundation. Outside reviewers will be used if necessary. The number of projects approved depends on the amount of funding available.

03/19 Internet Web Cast of the Nova Scotia Meetings - for “Remote” Guests



Notes for your remote log in to the planning meetings this week in Nova Scotia.

03/15 Agenda for Global Health Meeting - March 20-22, 2007



Attached please find the Agenda for the meeting hosted by St. Francis Xavier University next week in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

More news and notes will follow.

02/07 ICGH Planning Meeting at St. Francis Xavier - March 2007

Lars Hallstrom, of St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia [Canada], will be hosting the next ICGH Planning Meeting March 21-22, 2007.

For more details, please contact Lars Hallstrom [lhallstr@stfx.ca] or Ed Clausen [eclausen@daemen.edu] or 716-839-8227.  Thank you.

01/23 Silk Homes Brochure in English


Giovanni Deodato has sent us a copy of the English version of the Silk Homes brochure for our reference.

01/22 Resource on Global Health

I think many of you may get some use out of this video. 

Hans Rosling’s Talk at TED

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2670820702819322251; . ..a brilliant example of data visualisation.

; . ..a brilliant example of data visualisation.You can go look directly at the data I believe if you go here: www.gapminder.org  

Cheers, ScottŠ

01/03 Article for your Reference - Challenge of Global Health

TO:  Members
From:  Ed Clausen
  Below you will find a link to a recent article by Laurie Garrett in the publication “Foreign Affairs”.    This publication just came out on the newstands and it is quite a timely and valuable read for our group effort.

I’ve also posted this link under our “Reference Links” area.  Thank you!


11/13 New List Serve for Email Discussions

Hello ICGH - A new “tool” for your use:We have set up a “List Serve Email Discussion Group” : icgh-global-health@daemen.edu

You may conveniently use this email address to send immediate messages to the entire ICGH membership.  Additional names may be added as the need arises.  Also, as a reminder, when using the “list serve” email, your message AND responses go to EVERYONE on the list.
As always, please continue posting to our BLOG -http://blogger.daemen.edu/globalhealth.  Thank you!