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01/23 Silk Homes Brochure in English


Giovanni Deodato has sent us a copy of the English version of the Silk Homes brochure for our reference.

01/22 Resource on Global Health

I think many of you may get some use out of this video. 

Hans Rosling’s Talk at TED; . ..a brilliant example of data visualisation.

; . ..a brilliant example of data visualisation.You can go look directly at the data I believe if you go here:  

Cheers, ScottŠ

01/03 Article for your Reference - Challenge of Global Health

TO:  Members
From:  Ed Clausen
  Below you will find a link to a recent article by Laurie Garrett in the publication “Foreign Affairs”.    This publication just came out on the newstands and it is quite a timely and valuable read for our group effort.

I’ve also posted this link under our “Reference Links” area.  Thank you!